Exodus 9:16 "I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth."

Blessed To Be A Blessing

What is Blessed to be a Blessing?  Every year our church takes a Thank Offering, and a small portion of that money is handed out to congregation member who want to participate in Blessed to be a Blessing.  Each person is given money that they can then pass on to someone in need.  Here are some of their stories.

"This year's Blessed money went to a young family who lost their home to a fire.  They seemed very appreciative of the gift.

"We know a very serious, conservative, loving person who we see about once a year.  She would do anything in her power to help her family. I asked her about her husband, who had been treated for heart problems.  He had been "let go" of his job awhile ago and so they had lost their health insurance when that happened.  He has now been diagnosed with another disease and she was trying to find help so she can have some flexibility as his disease progresses.  So far no one has come forth to help.  I gave her the Blessing money to use as she needs it.  She was startled, thankful, and we shared a hug and tears."

"There is a local family that lives out on a farm, their dad with three students. The dad does the best that he can but doesn't always know or do what is appropriate. The students had stated that during the summer they walk around the farm without shoes on, which isn't safe, and they don't want to wear their tennis shoes because their feet get so hot. I had asked them about sandals and they said that Dad thought sandals were a waste of money. I spent some of the blessing money on getting them each a pair of sandals.
Then with the remaining, others and I had noticed that each of the students needed haircuts, because some of the students were making comments. I had called and asked Dad if I could schedule each of his kids haircuts and pay for them with our blessing money. He was very appreciative. It was the first time any of his kids would be getting haircuts at an actual salon.
Each of the students was super excited and would come into my room asking how many more days until their haircuts. On the day of their haircuts they were each literally counting down the hours. I went with Dad and his family down to the salon and waited with them as they got their haircuts. It was neat to see their big smiles as they were getting their haircuts, including Dad, and hear their comments about all the hair on the floor.
The three kids were amazed by the shampooing sinks, the blow dryer chairs, the supplies used for haircuts, along with even where they stored the towels. It was all new to them. They each were given a shampooing with a haircut, and the girl was even styled with a blow dryer and curling iron.
The following school day all three came into school strutting their new hair with big smiles on their faces. I am sure it is something that will be remembered for a long time."


"My husband and I doubled our thankoffering and gave it to a single gal who has never had very much, but gives much back.  She has raised a couple of nieces/nephews, took care of her aging mother and has been very helpful to aging citizens.  She always has a good outlook on life. Is not an every week church goer, but she has attended another church and we believe she is a Christian. After waging her second round of cancer and out of a job, we felt she could surely use some help to pay her rent, etc.  We know she would never ask for anything."

"God truly blesses us.  My story is quite different than previous years.  Which should not be of any surprise, since all God's people are not alike.  The day of receiving the gifts I prayed that God would guide me to that person He had chosen as recipient.  I was shopping in Sioux City during Lent where I met a young mother with three small girls.  I began the conversation to explain as to why I was giving this gift to her.  She asked what church I was a member of, so I told her.  When I finished explaining "Blessed to be a Blessing", my thoughts were to witness about Jesus' love for us.  Things then changed, she then told me that she and her family are members of a Lutheran church in Sioux City.  That was like taking the wind out of my sail.  We continued talking a bit more when I ended with wishing her family a blessed Easter.  I felt a bit of failure on my part, but then told myself "NO", it is all about God working thru us.  It is His plan, not ours."

"It came in handy this am.  A newly divorced young woman was at a Santa Claus  event where the kids could tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas.  Her daughter (5 year old) told Santa she wanted a medical toy kit.   Mom had no idea because her daughter never said even when mom asked 5 or 6 times.  This weekend mom tried every store within  driving distance to find this toy----no luck,  they only way to get it was on line.  The toy was only $40 which she could do but freight to get here by Christmas Eve was $50. Knowing the situation I pulled her aside and explained ” Bless to be Blessed” . I knew money was short and gave her the money that I had in the evenelope which I received at our meeting.  Mom lost it---and thanked me, she did not want to take it but I told her when she got on her feet to pay it forward.    Yeap---Blessed to be Blessed"



" It was on a Sunday afternoon that I called down to BP to order a pizza.  I went down to pick it up, while I was waiting for it a pickup pulled in to fill up with gas.  An older lady came in and asked the lady behind the counter if there was anyone that could come out and help her get her gas cap off so that she could fill up with gas.  There was no one else there so I volunteered to go out and help her.

When I got out to her pickup I noticed that her husband was in the front seat with his arm in a cast and later found out he was in an accident.  He had not only broke his arm and also his right leg.  The pickup had Greenfield County plates on it and they were traveling to Sioux Falls to the V.A. Hospital for an appointment Monday morning. 

The gas came to $65.00 and she was ready to go inside to pay for it.  I said to her, you get back in your pickup and get your husband to Sioux Falls because GOD has blessed me this Christmas and I want to pass that Blessing on to you and your husband, your gas will be paid for.  She thanked me and gave me a hug and told me, “You don’t know how much this means to us now we will be able to stay in a motel instead of sleeping in our truck.”

I never did get her name but then again names aren’t important.  She wished me a Merry Christmas and they drove off.  I have to say that of all the years that I have given gift at Christmas none have given me more joy then this one.  It was God’s Plan for me to go for a pizza so I would be there the same time this couple came in to fill up with gas.  I was Blessed to be a blessing to someone in need."



 "I was in line at Fiesta, a young mother with her child was in front of me in the checkout line.  The mother forgot her debit card and had to cover her bill with the cash in her pocket, which was less than the groceries, so the mother started removing items, which upset the child.  I added the $30 shortage to our bill.  The mother was overwhelmed."



"In August I had a customer who had no traveling cash to take her adult son for a check up and doctor's appointment in another city.  I gave each of them $50.  The mom broke down and cried.  More touching, the next month I met with the family on another matter.  The adult daughter made a specific point to bring up the gift and how important it was to their family.  Mom and daughter had a few tears and the son again sincerely expressed his appreciation."


More to come.....






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